Emergency Preparedness & Disaster Risk Reduction

The IOM assumes the role of the Camp Coordination and Camp Management (CCCM) cluster lead in Nepal. In August, 2008, following the Koshi flood in the eastern region of Nepal, the CCCM cluster was activated to provide emergency relief assistance and protection to IDPs in the affected areas.

CCCM: Identification of Open Spaces for Humanitarian Purposes in the Kathmandu Valley

The IOM, in partnership with Ministry of Home Affairs, the Ministry of Local Development and Foreign Affairs, the Department of Urban Development and Building Construction, Municipalities inside the Kathmandu Valley have assessed, identified and mapped 83 open spaces within the Kathmandu Valley. These spaces are designed to provide the initial disaster response planning framework for the Government and partner agencies to be able to have a starting point from which to provide life-saving assistance to those in immediate need. These sites have been protected through a GoN gazette notification disallowing any further construction and encroachment. The report of the 83 Open Spaces has been endorsed by the Council of Ministers and published in the national gazette in order to prevent further urban encroachment of these sites.

Open Spaces website: https://sites.google.com/site/kathmanduopenspaces/home

The project that was recently concluded in December 2015 has also successfully assisted the GoN to enhance their emergency preparedness efforts. One of the efforts is to sensitize the community to protect and manage the open spaces through awareness program in partnership with Lalitpur and Kirtipur Municipality.

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