Assisted Voluntary Return & Reintegration (AVRR)

The IOM is implementing a two year project entitled ‘Return Assistance to Stranded Nepali Migrants’ funded by the Qatar Development Fund to assist for the voluntary return and reintegration assistance to the vulnerable, stranded and exploited Nepali migrant workers in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, U.A.E, Kuwait, Jordan, Lebanon and Malaysia. The Project is implemented in close coordination and partnership with the line Ministries i.e. the Ministry of Labour & Employment, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,  the IOM host Missions and the local NGOs who are engaged in working towards benefit of migrants in need.

The project aims to provide voluntary return and reintegration assistance to migrant workers in the following situations:

  • Victim of abuse, exploitation, trafficking, or being stranded at the destination;
  • No possibility to regularize their status in the country where they reside;
  • Unable to have access to assistance in  the destination;
  • Without access to support  of home country’s consular authorities;
  • Without enough money to pay their way home; Without documentation needed to move to another country


The project will offer the eligible beneficiaries with pre-departure counselling, counselling & information provision, pre-embarkation assistance, medical checks (if required), one way air ticket, reception assistance and provision of in kind reintegration grant of USD 500 upon return to the country of origin.

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