Assessing the Climate Change, Environmental Degradation and Migration Nexus in South Asia

 IOM Nepal is implementing a joint project entitled “Assessing the Climate Change, Environmental Degradation and Migration Nexus in South Asia” with IOM Bangladesh and IOM Maldives. The main project partners include International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development and other relevant organizations at the regional level. At the national level, the IOM is working closely with relevant government ministry counterparts from the governments of Bangladesh, the Maldives and Nepal. South Asia, comprising 8 countries including Bangladesh, the Maldives and Nepal, is affected by a range of natural disasters. These disasters take a huge toll as they displace thousands of people every year. To address the challenges encountered by South Asian countries, i.e. lack of evidence of the nexus and integrated environment-migration strategies alongside limited community resilience, this project is carrying out an assessment study, field research and national consultations in Bangladesh, the Maldives and Nepal, followed by a regional level dissemination meeting. The three countries have several commonalities including high rates of urbanization and international migration (though the Maldives is an exception as it witnesses net in-migration), while also being exposed to diverse climatic events. The experiences of these three countries is expected to serve as lessons for the whole region, as they all face similar challenges due to environmental degradation and climate change. 

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