*    [Press Release] Nepal Hosts Global Migration Film Festival

        *    [Press Release] IOM, Nepali Local Government Partner to Build Multi-purpose Evacuation Center

        *    [Press Release] Asian Labour Sending Countries Meet on Migrant Workers’ Rights, Global Compact on Migration

        *    [Press Release] IOM, Partners Train Nepal National Security Forces in Emergency Response

        *    [Press Release] Migration Governance Assessment Calls for Better Coordination to Protect Nepali Migrants’ Rights

        *    [Press Release] UN Migration Agency trains Nepali labour recruiters on ethical recruitment

        *    [Press Release] Labour Migration a key contributor to GDP


        *    [Press Release] Over 350 Nepali Migrant Workers Assisted By Qatar Development Fund in Past Two Years: IOM

        *    [Press Release] Women migrant workers still working under unclear, unfair contracts, study finds, despite availability of best-
             practice templates

        *    [Press Release] Migration Film Festival Held in Kathmandu

        *    [Press Release] IOM - ICIMOD MoU renewal

        *    [Press Release] Nepal Develops National Migration Health Policy 

        *    [Press Release] Labour sending Asian countries of the Colombo Process come together in Kathmandu to discuss on Global
Migration Compact

        *    [Press Release] Nepal Organizes Stakeholder Consultation on Global Migration Compact

        *    [Press Release] Research Workshop on Migration, Remittances and Development Kicks Off in Kathmandu

       *    [Press Release] A study report on 'Nepal Earthquake 2015: A Socio-Demographic Impact Study' launched      


       *    [Press Release] IOM Aids Survivors of Sexual Violence in Nepal

       *    [Press Release] Securing Women’s Land and Property Rights in Nepal 

       *    [Press Release] Fights against sexual violence in conflict: It’s time to act!

       *    [Announcement] Call for partners and volunteers for the Identification and Management of Open Spaces for Disaster                           Preparedness (IMOS)

       *    [Press Release] Restoring Dignity to Disabled People in Post-Quake Nepal

       *    [Press Release] Foundation of Hope: Year One of Relief, Recovery and Reconstruction in Nepal


       *    [Press Release] Resettlement of Refugees from Bhutan Tops 100,000

       *    [Press Release] IOM and Qatar to Cooperate on Migrant Returns 

       IOM NEPAL Earthquake Response 

        *    [Press Release] IOM urges residents of Kathmandu to preserve and protect 83 open spaces

        *    [Press Release] IOM Advocates for Safe and Voluntary Movement of People in High Risk Areas in Nepal

        *    [Press Release] IOM Continues CGI Sheet Distribution in Landslide-Prone Community in Nepal

        *    [Press Release] Displacement Increases in Earthquake-Struck Nepal at Onset of Monsoon Season

        *    [Press Release] IOM Releases Revised Appeal As Emergency Begins To Shift into Recovery Mode in Nepal 

        *    [Press Release] IOM Nepal signs an agreement with UNDP for Early Recovery Cooperation

        *    [Press Release] Nepal Post-Quake Debris Clearance Scales Up

        *    [Press Release] IOM Nepal Aids Earthquake Survivors Discharged from Hospitals

        *    [Press ReleaseSlovakia Aids Earthquake-Affected Nepalis

        *    [Press ReleaseOne Month On, Nepal’s Quake Aid Pipeline Is Running Dry

        *    [Press ReleaseEarthquake Forces Nepal’s Overseas Workers to Face Tough Choices

        *    [Press Release] Rubble Removal Begins as Aid Flows to Chautara, Nepal

        *    [Press Release] Hundreds of Injured Nepalese ‘Stranded’ in Hospital

        *    [Press ReleaseAid Reaches Nepal, But More Needed Now to Avert Second Disaster, Warns IOM 

        *    [Press Release] IOM Opens Hubs in Nepal’s Worst Quake-Affected Areas, Expands Aid Distribution 

        *    [Press Release] IOM Launches Response in Quake-Shattered Nepal 

        *    [Press Release] IOM Emergency Team Works in Nepal Amid “Terrible Tragedy”

        *    [Press Release] IOM Emergency Team Arrives in Nepal Amid "Terrible Tragedy"


        *    [In the News] Migration for Development: Integrating Labour Migration in the Sectoral Policy

        *    [In the News] Money to work

        *    [Press Release] IOM and ICIMOD to collaborate on labour migration and remittances in climate change adaptation in the                    Hindu Kush Himalayan region 

        *    [In the News] IOM‚ ICIMOD sign cooperation pact 

        *    [In the News] Over half of migrant workers from Tarai

        *    [In the News] Gender friendliness must in family migration: Stakeholders

        *    [Press Release] EU and IOM join hands: 'Media Training' aims to strengthen journalism in Nepal on migration issues

        *    [Press Release] Govt. Working on  Zero Recruitment Cost for Migrant Workers

        *    [Press Release] Nepal launches Joint Migration and Development Initiative Project

        *    [Press Release] IOM Inspirations Program - Interview NTV2 (06May2014) 

        *    [Press Release] IOM Supports the safe and volumtary repatriation of 39 stranded Nepalese Migrants

        *    [Press Release] Nepali Migrants Improve Financial Literacy

        *    [Press Release] IOM receives Rana Samundra Trophy on World Tuberculosis Day

        *    [In the News] TV Interview with Lara White, IOM Senior Labour Migration Specialist © Rojgar Media

        *    [In the News] How Do You Get From Kathmandu To LA? © International Business Times

        *    [Press Release] Conference addresses the legacy of land issues in post-conflict Nepal

        *    [Press Release] Promoting ethical recruitment of migrants in Nepal


        *    [In the News] Analysis: Nepal’s successful refugee resettlement operation © IRIN

        *    [Speech] Remarks by Honorable Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Madhav Prasad Ghimire To Mark International Migrants                      Day  2013

        *    [Press Release] International Migrants Day 2013 ‘Migrant Well-Being is Development’

        *    [In the News] Rupantaran Talk with Maurizio Busatti, IOM Nepal Chief of Mission © Watchdog Media

        *    [Press Release] Grand Prize Winner of IOM-EU Migration Photo Contest 2013 “Think Move Change” 

        *    [Press Release] IOM-EU Migration Photo Contest 2013

        *    [Announcement] IOM-EU Migration Photo Contest 2013

        *    [In the News] Youth migration should be taken as an opportunity for development © Karobar Economic Daily

        *    [In the News] Movernment Should Think of Investing Remittance in Productive Sector © Bizmandu

        *    [In the News] Youth migration and development © The Himalayan Times

        *    [Announcement] New Booklet ‘Adjusting to the American Way of Life’

        *    [Press Release] IOM’s Role and New Pilot Project for Conflict Affected Persons in Nepal

        *    [Press Release] IOM Launches New Website and Social Media Sites

        *    [Press Release] National Disaster Simulation Exercise To Be Held in Kathmandu on 19 June

        *    [Press Release] EU, IOM and the Government of Nepal Launched a Joint Labour Migration Project

        *    [Press Release] Nepal Boosts Earthquake Preparedness

        *    [In the News] 100,000 milestone for Bhutanese refugee resettlement © The Himalayan Times 

        *    [Press Release] Land rights, mental health challenges face post-conflict Nepal 


        *    [Press Release]  Resettlement of Bhutan Refugees from Nepal Passes 75,000

        *    [Press Release]  High Level Consultations Aim to Streamline Labour Migration in Nepal

        *    [Press Release]  US Under Secretary Visits Transit Centre in Kathmandu

        *    [Press Release]  Private Sector Aids Trafficking Victims in Nepal

        *    [In the News] First of 60,000 refugees from Bhutan arrive in U.S. © CNN


        *    [Press Release]  Number of Refugees from Bhutan Departing for Resettlement Passes 50,000th Mark 


        *    [Press Release]  IOM Helps Over 40,000 Bhutanese Refugees in Nepal to Resettle Abroad

        *    [Press Release]  Nepali Officials, NGOs Complete Safe Migration, Information Dissemination and Counselling Training

        *    [Press Release]  IOM, Government Trains Nepali Officials in Bilateral Labour Agreements, Migration Management

        *    [Press Release]  IOM Assists Stranded Nepali Workers to Return Home from Libya

        *    [Press Release]  IOM Trains Nepali Officials in Migration Management

        *    [Press Release]  IOM Conducts Review of SAARC Convention on Human Trafficking

        *    [Press Release]  IOM, Nepali Government Open Migrant Resource Centre in Kathmandu 


        *    [Press Release]  Bhutanese Refugee Resettlement Passes 25,000

        *    [Press Release]  Resettlement of Bhutanese Refugees Passes 20,000 Mark

        *    [Press Release]  IOM Trains Nepalese Officials in Labour Migration Management

        *    [Press Release]  Strengthening Nepal's Capacity to Deal with Displacement

        *    [Press Release]  IOM Resettlement of Bhutanese Refugees Hits 10,000 Mark


        *    [Press Release]  Nepalese Migrants Trapped in Iraq Return Home

        *    [Press Release]  IOM Assists Over 8,000 Bhutanese Refugees to Resettle Abroad

        *    [Press Release]  IOM Sponsors Camp Management Trainings in Nepal's Flood-Affected Regions


        *    [Press Release]  IOM Opens Kathmandu Office 

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