Press Releases and Announcements

  • International Migrants Day 2013 ‘Migrant Well-Being is Development’

    18 December 2013, Kathmandu – “Improving the whole well-being of an individual is a key aim of development. Migrant well-being, nevertheless, can be easily overlooked when we focus only on the socioeconomic impacts and indicators of migratory process, rather than on migrants as persons.” said Maurizio Busatti, the International Organization for Migration Nepal Chief of Mission as it marks International Migrants Day on December 18.

  • Grand Prize Winner of IOM-EU Migration Photo Contest 2013 'Think Move Change'

    6 December 2013, Kathmandu – A panel of judges has chosen the grand prize winner in an IOM-EU sponsored migration themed photo contest.  Mr. Sudipto Das of India took the grand prize, a Canon EOS D700 camera, for his photo titled “JOURNEY”, which represents Nepalese migrant workers travelling on top of a train from India back to Nepal to celebrate the festival of Bibaha Panchami in Janakpur.

  • IOM-EU Migration Photo Contest 2013

    30 Aug 2013, Kathmandu - The IOM-EU Migration Photo Contest 2013 is open to anyone resident in any country. The theme of the contest is ‘Think Move Change,’ aiming at raising public awareness of Nepal’s labour migration challenges and opportunities through visual representations of Nepalese migrants, their families and communities, and advocating for safe migration for all current and potential migrants. Entries must be submitted by 31 October2013.

  • IOM’s Role and MoPR's New Pilot Project for Conflict Affected Persons in Nepal

    3 July 2013, Kathmandu – The IOM has launched a technical assistance project to support the Ministry of Peace and Reconstruction's psychosocial counselling and support services for conflict affected persons in selected districts of Nepal. In relation to this new project, Maurizio Busatti, IOM Chief of Mission was invited to a talk programme titled ‘Enhancing Conflict Victims Access to the Government of Nepal and Donor Supported Relief and Recovery Packages’ ...

  • New Booklet ‘Adjusting to the American Way of Life’

    18 June 2013, Kathmandu – A new guide titled ‘Adjusting to the American Way of Life – Tips for Visitors, Students and Immigrants from Nepal’ has been published. Ms. Anita Adhikary, a co-author of the booklet, visited IOM Nepal and shared her time with Bhutanese refugees in the Transit Center in Kathmandu.

  • IOM Nepal Launches New Website and Social Media Sites

    17 June 2013, Kathmandu – IOM Nepal is pleased to announce the launch of our new website, along with a new look we have included some featured images and bilingual texts in English and in Nepali. The new site is located at the same URL:

  • National Disaster Simulation Exercise To Be Held in Kathmandu on 19 June

    10 June 2013, Kathmandu – IOM, as the Camp Coordination and Camp Management (CCCM) cluster co-lead, will partake in the National Disaster Simulation Exercise in Kathmandu on the 19 June, along with other national and international entities.

  • EU, IOM and the Government of Nepal Launched a Joint Labour Migration Project

    7 May 2013, Kathmandu – The European Union (EU) through IOM extended support towards strengthening labour migration management capacities of the Colombo Process (CP) member states with a regional intervention in Bangladesh, Indonesia, Nepal and the Philippines, with an effort to replicate at other CP member states. 

  • Nepal Boosts Earthquake Preparedness

    30 April 2013, Kathmandu - Earthquake preparedness in Nepal took a step forward this week with the allocation of support roles to sites earmarked for humanitarian use around the capital.

    The Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHA) and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) elaborated the list during a two-day workshop in the capital Kathmandu last week.