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Migration Health Assessments are among the most well-established migration management services offered by IOM. They consists of an evaluation of the physical and mental health status of migrants for the purpose of resettlement, international employment, enrolment in specific programmes, or for obtaining a temporary or permanent visa.

Reflecting national differences in immigration and public policies and practices, there is a diverse range of assessment requirements, but the most common denominator is the need to ensure that the migration process does not endanger the health of either the migrant or the host population. We believe that migrants benefit from an improved standard of well-being, which enable them to substantially contribute towards the social and economic development of their home and host communities.

Globally, IOM has provided health assessment services to over 3 million migrants in more than 80 countries between 2001 and 2015. In Nepal, IOM provided health assessments and TB screenings to 19,000 migrants in 2017 alone. IOM Nepal has over 10 years of extensive experiences and is adhered to high medical standard. IOM is the approved panel clinic for a number of countries including the following counties. 

Our Services

We provide health assessments for the following countries. For more information, please click on the country links.

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Australia Canada New Zealand United Kingdom United States
  • Direct Observed Treatment (DOT) Service for Tuberculosis Treatment of immigrants bound to Australia and the US.
  • TB Diagnosis (including sputum tests smears and cultures) and TB management.
  • DNA Sample collection for embassies of Australia, US, UK, Canada and other counties upon request.

General Advice to All Visitors:

We request you to arrive at IOM at least 15 minutes before your appointment on the day of the examination. If you cannot come for some reason as per the appointment schedule, kindly let us know by calling the office as soon as you can, so that we can adjust your next appointment and give your scheduled time to someone else in the waiting list

What to bring

  • Please bring your passport (original). Photocopies are accepted if your original passport is with the embassy with an evidence produced
  • If you suffer or have suffered from any chronic condition or undergone major medical or surgical treatment, please bring medical records or hospital reports. Insufficient information may lead to delays and additional testing.
  • Please a bring previous chest X-ray if available. 
  • Please bring your COVID-19 vaccination record (if you have).

Eating and Drinking

  • Please drink plenty of water to enable easier collection for urine sample.
  • You can have your regular medication and also eat breakfast/meal before coming to IOM.
  • Please abstain from drinking alcohol on the day before the examination.
  • Please see country specific page for more information.

 Wearing clothes and lenses

  • For your medical examination, you will be asked to remove your clothes (including jewelry) and wear a gown. We advise you to come with comfortable clothes that are easy to take off and put on.
  • If you use glasses or contact lenses, please wear them when you come for medical examination to IOM.

Your health conditions 

  • Please do not conceal medical conditions. The majority of medical conditions are admissible though some may require additional tests.
  • Do not conceal pregnancy. Pregnancy will not affect your immigration prospects.
  • Women are advised to avoid health assessment during menstruation time as it will affect the results of the urine test.
  • Postpone or re-schedule your appointment if you have ANY of these symptoms - Fever, Cough, Sore throat, Shortness of breadth. Please contact IOM to inform about your situation and reschedule your appointment.

Facility and Arrival 

  • To make your waiting time more comfortable, we provide Wi-Fi, newspapers, magazines and tea at IOM premises. We recommend you also to bring any other items you may require during the waiting time such as books, toys for your child, baby food, and diapers etc.
  • Due to limited parking space, we encourage clients to come by public transportation or arrange someone who could drop and pick you.
  • Due to limited space, we recommend not to bring many family members or relatives along with you to IOM, who are not taking health assessment on that day.
  • Please note that clients are responsible to take care of their own belongings and IOM will not be held responsible for any loss of client’s property. We advise you not to carry valuables except only essential items.
  • To comply with the Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) procedure we advise you to USE MASK ALL TIME in the clinic area and not to bring more than one attendant along with you unless they are taking health assessment on that day.

Cost of Medical Examination 

  • Please see country specific page for more information.
  • Fees are to be paid in the US Dollars or Nepali Rupees at the United Nations operational exchange rate for the month.
  • MHAC accepts cash only. There are a few ATM machines available near MHAC.
  • IOM Nepal MHAC - Service Fees

Working Hours

8.00 – 17.00, Monday to Friday except for IOM Holidays.





Actual Date

Observed Date


English New Year's Day

Monday, 01 January

Monday, 01 January


Maghe Sakranti

Monday, 15 January

Monday, 15 January


Eid-Al-Fitr* (Observed)*

Wednesday, 10 April

Wednesday, 10 April


Nepali New Year's Day

Saturday, 13 April

Friday, 12 April



Sunday, 16 June

Monday, 17 June


Dashain (Pulpati and Maha Asthami)

Thursday, 10 October

Thursday, 10 October


Dashain (Maha Nawami)

Friday, 11 October

Friday, 11 October


Tihar (Bhai Tika)

Sunday, 3 November

Monday, 4 November



Wednesday, 25 December

Wednesday, 25 December

Actual dates for Eid Holidays will be determined based on the moon sight and Government's decision. This is subject to revision upon availability of Governments Holiday List for 2080.

All services are available at MHAC in Kathmandu and Damak except for the health assessment for US immigrant visa holders which is available only in Kathmandu.

Service Location/Country



New Zealand






In order to complete the needed examinations, we advise you to arrive 15 minutes before your appointment.

Contacts and Appointments:

  • IOM booking/rescheduling appointments process is free of charge.
  • IOM has no responsibility for any fees paid to third parties for booking appointments.
  • IOM Health Assessment Center operates on a first come, first served basis for regular appointments.

If you have any questions or for booking your appointment please call the following numbers or email us. You can also use MyMedical for booking appointments online.




Lazimpat Sadak, Panipokhari, Ward-3, Kathmandu
Phone #: +977 1 59 70 001 (Call Center)

Email ID: (We normally respond in less than 1 working day)


Devkota Chowk (New Vegetable Market), Damak, Jhapa
Mobile #: +977 980 100 4586 (Call Center)
Email ID: (
We normally respond in less than 1 working day)

Address and Locations:

Kathmandu       Damak
Lazimpat Sadak, Panipokhari, Ward-3, Kathmandu
Devkota Chowk (New Vegetable Market), Damak, Jhapa





If you have any feedback, suggestions compliments and complaints, please contact us at or drop notes into the suggestion box placed at the reception.