The health promotion and assistance for migrants programme area of MHD caters its strategy and activities to the needs of migrant populations and the changing requirements of Member States to address the health of migrants. IOM projects in this area provide access to high-quality health services for migrants, and undertake substantial amount of operational research to promote evidence-based migration health policies. Technical support and national capacity-building efforts are included in this work area to support Member States in efforts to better manage migration-related health challenges. IOM Missions carry out various activities to assist governments in addressing migration- and mobility-related health challenges by strengthening the national health systems and ensuring that migrants have equitable access to health services. Migrant beneficiaries of this area of work include workers, undocumented migrants, trafficked persons, seasonal and otherwise temporary cross-border migrants and displaced populations, as well as labour migrants and migrant hosting communities. Partners include governments, NGOs, UN agencies including WHO, civil society groups and academic agencies, among others.