IOM, in Partnership with Newcastle University UK and Shakti Samuha Nepal, undertook a research (2010-2012) project entitled "Livelihood Options in Post Trafficking Situations in Nepal" funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), UK.

In Nepal anti-trafficking advocacy is highly visible and this context, together with the Constitution-building process, is opening up fresh debates on citizenship, trafficking, migration, gender, sexuality and people-cantered development. A key aspect of this research is to gain knowledge that is grounded in the actual experiences of Nepalese trafficked returnee women themselves. In these contexts the project aims to:

  • Investigate the desirable livelihood opportunities of sexually trafficked women upon their return.
  • Examine the intersections of sexuality, gender and citizenship in returnees' livelihood strategies as new democratic processes, supported by national and transnational communities, are unfolding.
  • Benefit a range of scholars, policy makers and anti-trafficking campaigners will benefit from the research. The project will enhance the activities of regional and national anti-trafficking NGOs by providing comprehensive qualitative data on the returnee women's livelihood strategies. For more information go to