Trafficking in persons for sexual and labor exploitation is a complex form of human rights violation. Nepal has, historically, been viewed as a country of origin for trafficking in person, particularly women and children.

IOM Nepal implemented a project entitled “Trafficking Risk Reduction in Nepal” from 2010 – 2012 with funding support of the IOM Development Fund. Considering lack of economic opportunities as one of the major factors causing women to fall victims to trafficking, IOM Nepal practiced a multi-stake holder approach for creating avenues for economic rehabilitation of survivors and potential victims of trafficking. This approach engaged NGOs who are responsible for psychosocial counseling and day-to-day support to the beneficiaries. The Corporate Houses extended business opportunities and assist them by providing skills training, job placement and/ enterprise set-up support. The Government extended legal support and necessary advice to the initiatives. The Beneficiaries are transformed into Participants, have assumed ownership of the enterprise and earn substantial and sustainable livelihood which enables them to become economically independent and live with dignity. IOM was involved in the overall planning and coordination among various stakeholders, financial inputs and the overall project management. The TRRIN project concluded in July 2012. Over the period, IOM supported economic rehabilitation of over 200 survivors and potential victims of trafficking through the TRRIN project.