With financial support from With financial support from ChildFund Korea, the IOM in partnership with some local NGO partners implemented the Trafficking Survivors and Vulnerable Children Support Project in Nepal in 2015. This project was developed as a follow up to a fund-raising video filming mission of ChildFund Korea and Korean Broadcasting Services in Nepal conducted from September to October 2014. IOM Nepal and Korea facilitated the mission. The project aimed to contribute to improving the status of vulnerable children and women, including victims of trafficking, in Nepal. Similarly, the outcomes of the project is to demonstrate improvement in education and hygiene status of vulnerable children, improvement in economic status of female survivors of trafficking and access to safe migration information. It supported the partner NGOs with their regular programs of addressing issues of street children, children in vulnerable situation and with special needs to prevent them from falling prey to various forms of exploitation including unsafe migration and trafficking. Likewise, the project enhanced the capacity of partner NGOs through technical, financial resources and capacity building trainings. It aimed to address the interconnected issues of poverty, education and lack of awareness on safe migration process through skills development and economic opportunities, education support and anti-trafficking and safe migration campaigns at the national level in partnership with government and non-governmental actors. Furthermore, the project provided necessary support to the shelters for vulnerable children and survivors of trafficking.